Staten Island Teeth Cleaning

Staten Island teeth cleaning

There’s nothing to fear in the dentist’s office! And a whole lot to gain

Dental anxiety keeps thousands of patients away from the office – and ends up harming their oral health. If you’re not comfortable with dental appointments, learning more about all that takes place during a teeth cleaning will help put you at ease. Regular appointments will help you prevent cavities and gum disease, keeping your smile intact and your medical bills low.

Your Staten Island teeth cleaning should be scheduled every six months. If you wait too long between appointments, you risk more serious problems developing. Has it been a while since your last visit? Schedule online! It’s as easy as a click.

Steps of a Dental Exam

  1. X-rays – Some dental problems can’t be seen with the naked eye – for example, cavities between teeth, or an abscess at your tooth root. We won’t take x-rays at every exam to help limit your exposure. We will show you these images and go over what they mean.
  2. Examination – A visual examination gives us a chance to monitor your teeth and gums for potential concerns. We will also discuss the state of your oral health, and make recommendations for improving your brushing, flossing, and diet.
  3. Scaling – Scaling removes plaque and tartar from your enamel. This helps prevent thicker layers of bacteria from forming, and reduces your chance of cavities or gingivitis.
  4. Polishing РYour hygienist applies prophy paste and gently polishes your teeth to help remove external stains and add shine to your smile.
  5. Fluoride/sealants – Depending on your teeth, you might benefit from fluoride treatment or sealants. These preventive measures help protect your enamel and prevent erosion or cavities.

Still wondering about what will happen at your next exam? Get in touch.

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