When Implant Dentistry is the Right Choice

Staten Island dental implants

Thinking about dental implants?

As we’ve mentioned before on this blog, choosing a cosmetic or restorative dental path is a big decision. You need to spend time considering what’s involved in potential procedures, identifying your ideal final result, and planning for your smile’s future. If you’re missing one or more teeth, the decision-making process becomes even more complicated. The way you rebuild your smile dictates the decades to come.

Looking for dental insurance? No, we’re not talking about deductibles and premiums – we’re referring to a tooth replacement solution that is guaranteed to last. With dental implants, you may have found your most secure bet.

These titanium tooth roots allow you to restore a tooth’s entire structure in a lasting way. Once the implant has been placed, it will connect with the jawbone, forming an ongoing bond. Because implants become a natural-feeling part of your jaw structure, they achieve the kind of longevity most restorations can only dream of. If you think implants could be right for your needs, read on for a guide to the ideal implant patient – then, schedule a consultation to learn more about implants in your own life.

Ensuring Tooth Implants are a Good Fit

Staten Island dental implantsThere are so many options facing patients with missing teeth. How can you tell whether implants are the right choice? Answering a few of the following questions will help you decide:

  • Would you like fixed or removable restorations? Fixed restorations remain in place, while removable ones can be taken out and put back in on your own. Implants allow for both, but are especially helpful when paired with removable restorations. They make partials and dentures feel more stable and natural.
  • Are you interested in long-term restorative dentistry? How long do you want your restorations to last? With most treatments, there’s a trade-off between the investment you make the durability of the results. While receiving implants requires surgery, you’re going to see them lasting for decades – far longer than other restorations.
  • How many teeth are you missing? While implants are right for both single and multiple missing teeth, patients with missing teeth are more likely to see a dramatic improvement with implants.
  • How long have you been missing teeth? If you’ve been missing your teeth for some time, the bone in the area will have resorbed, and it will be harder to see implant success. Yet, with a bone graft, the area will be made ready for treatment.

Am I Ready for Dental Implant Surgery?

There are physical requirements for implants that you’ll need to meet prior to treatment. If you have adequate bone density, healthy teeth and gums, and are able to undergo a surgical procedure, then you are an implant candidate. But if you’re lacking in any of these areas, we can also offer treatment that will prepare you for the implant procedure.

Before, During, and After the Implant Procedure

Dr. Michael Ricciardi and our team are prepared to guide you through the entire implant process. As we mentioned above, you may benefit from periodontal treatment, fillings, or a bone graft prior to treatment. Once you’re ready, Dr. Ricciardi will place the implants.

After implant surgery, you will need to undergo a healing period. During this time, your implant integrates with your jawbone to form the desired bond. Once the implant site has healed, the intended restorations will be attached. You will need to take pains to keep the area clean during and after healing, and engage in stellar oral hygiene.

Do implants sound like they could be a happy additional to your life? Get in touch to begin a restorative conversation.

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