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Missing a tooth? Don’t ignore it. The more time passes, the greater harm that hole in your smile could cause. Between increased cavities and gum disease, bone loss, and changing facial structure, that missing tooth is going to end up playing a larger role in your health and appearance. Consulting with a Staten Island implant dentist will help you take control of this situation.

While many dental practices offer implants, not every dentist is truly an implant dentist. But if you’re in Staten Island, you’re in luck: Dr. Michael Ricciardi has received advanced training in implant placement. He’ll be able to provide your care from start to finish. In fact, we’re confident that you’ll be absolutely thrilled with the results. Simply look at a few of our past happy patients to see the dramatic transformation they’ve undergone:

Getting Acquainted with Your Staten Island Implant Dentist

You might be wondering: Why dental implants? Won’t dentures or a bridge do the trick? In fact, there are significant differences between the kind of tooth replacement that dentures and dental implants offer. The below infographic explains further.

Staten Island implant dentist

Before getting started with implants, you’ll need to determine your candidacy. Dr. Ricciardi will meet with you in a one-on-one consultation, during which you’ll discuss your tooth replacement options. He will conduct an evaluation of your teeth and jaws, taking x-rays to learn more about your health and bone structure. If you’re determined a dental implant candidate, then we’ll start working on the path to total tooth replacement.

Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

In general, you can receive implants if you possess adequate jaw bone structure, oral health, and overall health. If your mouth isn’t quite ready, our Staten Island implant dentist will get you there. A bone graft, periodontal treatment, or other preparatory measure can help you reach the desired state.

Just schedule your consultation to learn more.

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