Staten Island Dentist: Healthy Teeth = Healthy Life!

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It’s a whole lot harder to find happiness without good health – and your teeth are a foundation of wellness

Is there really a mouth-body connection? More and more research is pointing to yes. While we’re still uncertain as to why issues like gum disease impact systemic health, the link is there – and it should inspire your oral health efforts.

Building superior dental health starts with a great provider. If you’re looking for a Staten Island dentist, Dr. Michael Ricciardi and our team would love to welcome you through our doors. Check out a few of the things our patients are saying about us, and you’ll learn a great deal about who we are as a practice. Just get in touch to schedule your first appointment! We can’t wait to meet you.

How Regular Dental Exams Impact Systemic Health

  • We’ll remove plaque before it irritates your gums – During a teeth cleaning, we remove plaque from your tooth surfaces. This is key because it helps reduce inflammation at the gum line. It’s that very inflammation that leads to gingivitis, which can then develop into periodontal disease. If your plaque hardens into tartar, it is very difficult to remove at home – you need the help of dental tools and dental care providers.
  • Some health problems have early oral symptoms – There are certain diseases that manifest in the mouth before they become obvious elsewhere in your body. By scheduling regular exams, you give yourself the best chance at early detection, and minimize harm.
  • You’ll be able to discuss your oral hygiene regimens and improve your habits – While we do everything possible to boost your oral health, it comes down to the daily choices that you make. If your brushing and flossing are on point, you’ll see a cavity- and gingivitis-free smile. By making a few small adjustments to your oral hygiene techniques, you’ll see long-term benefits. But you need an expert eye to learn exactly what those adjustments should be. The conversations you have with your hygienist and Dr. Ricciardi will help arm you for the future, and give you the dental education you need to protect your teeth.
  • We’ll talk tooth- and body-healthy foods – Your diet has a direct impact on both your teeth and your entire body. We’ll help guide you toward the choices that best support your enamel and your overall health.
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