Staten Island Dental Exam

Staten Island dental exam

Regular dental exams keep you smiling and cavity-free!

We all lead busy lives. It’s common to find that there just isn’t enough time in the day for the things that matter most to you. And preventive medical care? Scheduling those regular exams can feel next to impossible. So, we’re here to offer you a little motivation.

Setting up your next Staten Island dental exam today is the best way to avoid cavities, gum disease, dental aging, and other long-term problems. Visiting the office every six months give you a chance to stop small problems before they become big concerns – and it’s as simple as a phone call.

Why Dental Exams are Crucial

Your teeth might seem impenetrable, but they’re more vulnerable than you think. If your enamel is compromised, you’ll experience the consequences of progressive cavities. The tooth layers beneath your enamel (dentin and tooth pulp) are far more sensitive, and if a cavity reaches your tooth root, you could have a root canal situation on your hands.

Fortunately, that can all be avoided. By treating the cavity before it takes a deeper hold, you prevent the need for extensive restorative work. A small cavity is simple to fill, and your tooth will look completely natural with a composite filling in place.

Modern dentistry is as conservative as possible, and we want to do whatever we can to keep your smile intact. Hold up your end of the bargain by scheduling an exam every six months (or more often, if you have a history of gum disease). Ask Dr. Ricciardi how often you should be scheduling, and try to stay on a consistent exam schedule. We’re always happy to see you, and you’re gaining the best possible chances of keeping your smile in place for decades to come!

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