Staten Island Dental Bonding

Staten Island dental bonding

Cosmetic dentistry doesn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming, or complicated. Instead of spending several appointments in the dental chair, you can see the kind of results you’ve been imagining with just one appointment. What treatment makes this transformation possible? Staten Island dental bonding.

Bonding applies composite resin to your teeth, and is then hardened chairside. This cuts out the dental lab and the time waiting between appointments. Think bonding might be right for your smile? Fill out the form below to contact us, or keep reading for more information.

When Is Dental Bonding Ideal?

Bonding is best for patients hoping to make aesthetic adjustments to their front teeth. The strength of the composite resin is appropriate for forces typically placed on front teeth, but isn’t safe for molars. The same material is also used when placing metal-free fillings.

Bonding brings out happy smiles in patients looking to:

  • Whiten teeth, especially if traditional whitening isn’t working (which is a problem when stains are internal)
  • Cover tooth roots exposed by gum recession
  • Fill a gap (diastema) between two teeth
  • Lengthen worn teeth
  • Protect sensitive teeth with worn enamel
  • Reshape or resize teeth
  • Improve symmetry
  • Cover minor chips that don’t threaten the tooth’s health

Benefits of Composite Bonding

  • Same day treatment – When you can complete your treatment in just one appointment, you save energy and time. You don’t have to wear temporary restorations, or spend any time without your final restoration in place.
  • Affordable – Because dental bonding can be performed chairside, it has a lower price tag than many cosmetic procedures.
  • Versatile – As you can see in the list of bonding applications, there are so many ways you can benefit from bonding. If you’re curious about treatment, just get in touch.
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