Build Excellent Oral Health At Every Age

Staten Island general dentist Our bodies change drastically as the years pass. And you need to tweak your personal care to keep up. What was once the best for you may have changed – and your teeth are no exception.

Are you wise to proper dental care for your age group? Whether you’re young, old, or somewhere in between, there are more (and less) important oral health and hygiene priorities. We can help you shape yours!

Below, we offer a general guide to caring for your teeth at every stage of life. If you have questions about what’s right for your individual mouth, just get in touch!

Healthy Teeth for Kids: Getting in the Oral Hygiene Habit

Strong teeth and gums begin in the womb, before your child is even born. It’s up to Mom to get enough calcium, B12, and vitamin C to build baby’s teeth and gums.

Once your child is one year old, it’s time to bring him or her to the dentist for a preliminary appointment. The general rule is that teeth should be examined once they’ve begun to erupt. This will ensure that everything is developing properly, and that your child’s teeth are on the right track.

As your kids grow, oral hygiene will become their own responsibility. You can help them get more excited about cleaning their teeth by getting them engaged in the process, with:

  • Family dental exams – If possible, schedule everyone’s appointments on the same day. This will show your kids that healthy teeth is one of your own priorities, and help them feel comfortable in the office.
  • Group brushing/flossing – We know this sounds a little cheesy, but tackling oral hygiene as a family will make everything more fun. Set up a brushing and flossing chart for kids and parents to check off their daily cleaning. Plus, brushing together will allow you to keep an eye on whether your children are performing proper oral hygiene.
  • Oral health games and activities – Online games and family activities will help your kids see dental care as something exciting, rather than rote.

Oral Health for Adults: Don’t Let Your Busy Schedule Hamper Your Dental Care

When it comes to adult oral health, the single biggest problem is falling behind on your preventive care. This means not only regular brushing and flossing, but also scheduling dental exams every six months.

We understand that you lead a busy life – between your job, family, and what little free time you can manage to scrape together, there isn’t much room left for healthcare. Unless there’s a pressing problem that forces you into the office, you’re unlikely to keep up on regular exams. Don’t wait until you have a toothache or bleeding gums – schedule your next appointment before there’s a serious problem. This will ultimately preserve your smile and save you discomfort and money.

Seniors’ Strong Smiles: Symptoms to Watch Out For

Staten Island general dentistSeniors struggle to navigate problems like tooth loss. Once there are gaps in your smile, you feel less confident, struggle to perform standard activities (like chewing and speaking), and see your overall oral health take a bigger hit. But there are ways to keep those teeth from ever failing. The top things to tend to include

  • Watching for dry mouth – Dry mouth is a problem for seniors, and is aggravated by many medications. Once your saliva flow lessens, it’s easier for cavities and gum disease to take hold. Be sure to drink plenty of water, or use a soothing oral spray.
  • Finding a way to perform good oral hygiene – Many seniors struggle to hold a toothbrush or floss, and access every area of their mouths when cleaning. There are tools that can facilitate oral hygiene and make the process comfortable.

Get in touch with your own questions! We’re always here to help.

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