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restorative dentist New York

Our teeth can’t always fight the effects of time – but we don’t need to sit back and let dental aging happen. After years of daily wear, accidents, and stress, worn teeth are a common problem. With dental crowns, we’ll be able to return youthfulness to your smile – while keeping it looking like your own. Our New York restorative dentist, Dr. Michael Ricciardi, has been rehabilitating grins for years.

Check out our Smile Gallery for a few examples of his superb work – and get in touch to schedule an appointment of your own. 2015 could be the year you regain your healthy, happy smile.

10 Reasons to Rehabilitate Your Smile

  1. Health – Damaged smiles are often hiding problems. Rebuilding your teeth will help keep your mouth healthy.
  2. Happiness – Regaining total dental function makes your days easier, and possessing a beautiful smile makes you feel great.
  3. Long-term teeth – By caring for your teeth today, you can help them last longer – even into old age.
  4. Prevent future disease – Rehabilitation treats problem areas that could foster cavities or gum disease in the future.
  5. Confidence – With a great smile, you feel like a new person – and behave with confidence in your professional and social interactions.
  6. First impressions – We notice smiles before anything else, and tweaking yours will improve the first impressions others form upon meeting you.
  7. Youthful appearance – Aging teeth age your entire face, and full, strong, white teeth keep you looking young.
  8. Facial structure – Missing or worn teeth can contribute to sagging facial structure; crowns or implants will help support your skin.
  9. Prevent bone loss – When you’re missing a tooth, the jaw bone in the area disintegrates. Keeping your smile whole will stop that from happening.
  10. Feel like yourself again! – Rebuild your teeth to get back on track, and feel like your old self.

Just how will you rehabilitate? Check out the below infographic to learn more about crowns, and decide whether they might be right for you. You’ll be all the better-informed once you meet with Dr. Ricciardi, and ready to have a detailed conversation about your restoration.

restorative dentist New York

Finding the Right Restorative Dentist

You’ll want to work with a dentist whose personality you feel comfortable with, who has the right credentials, and who is experienced with restorative treatment. Dr. Ricciardi fits all those criteria – and is currently accepting new patients. Get in touch to schedule.

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