Real-Life Smile Makeovers

It’s one thing to describe just how amazing cosmetic dentistry can be for patients. But seeing concrete changes made possible with treatment will take your breath away. Our Staten Island cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Ricciardi has helped patients achieve better health, aesthetics, and function with a variety of procedures. Scroll down for some stunning examples, and get in touch if you’d like to talk about your own smile.

Smile Overhaul with Porcelain Veneers

Staten Island smile makeover 1

This is a dramatic example of what porcelain veneers can really do. These restorations blend with surrounding teeth to work alongside natural teeth. This patient had severe discoloration, worn and chipped enamel, crookedness, and gaps between teeth. Precise placement of personally-tailored veneers helped build out, whiten, and strengthen the smile. Removing those spaces between teeth will help reduce the likelihood of further decay, and the protective veneer layer improves sensitivity.

 Veneers Lengthen and Straighten

Staten Island smile makeover 2

Veneers are also ideal for subtler transformations. This patient had experienced gradual wear and chipped enamel on their incisors. Their teeth were left looking worn, crooked, and unkempt. Placing porcelain veneers across the upper teeth lengthened and straightened their front teeth. This kind of smile makeover revitalizes your grin, and also improves tooth functionality.

Gum Contouring Expands Teeth

Staten Island smile makeover 3

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a perfect tooth-gum balance. If your enamel becomes worn, and if your teeth were already short to begin with, you may end up looking like your smile is lacking. Short teeth make you look older than you actually are, and reduce the impact your smile has on others. With a combination of gum contouring to lengthen visible crowns and veneers to rebuild lost enamel, Dr. Ricciardi built out this patient’s beautiful smile.

Been craving a more confident smile? Schedule a consultation and learn more about the possibilities ahead.

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