Oakwood Smile Makeover

Oakwood smile makeover

Ready to bring your smile into a new era? Usher it in gracefully with the kind of smile makeover that makes you stand out for the right reasons. While a dramatic transformation is one thing, it needs to look like it truly belongs to you. Choose the appropriate cosmetic dentist to be sure that you end up looking like yourself (just the best possible version).

An Oakwood smile makeover might be the ideal choice for your smile. Our aesthetic dentist has crafted beautiful smiles for his patients, and we’d love to help you achieve the kind of teeth that make you feel proud and confident. Get in touch online, and read on to learn more about picturing your new grin.

How Should I Change My Teeth?

Most patients choose cosmetic dentistry because they feel like their existing smiles aren’t serving them fully. Appearance isn’t everything, but it does dictate so much of how we feel about ourselves. If you’re not loving your look, then it’s time to try something new.

Your cosmetic treatment plan is personal, and tailored to your overall appearance. Your final smile will be a decision you make alongside Dr. Ricciardi. With your goals being heard, and his dental expertise, you can be sure to arrive at results that you’re thrilled with.

Common smile makeover changes include:

  • Straighten teeth
  • Whiten teeth
  • Make overall smile more symmetrical
  • Lengthen front teeth
  • Repair cracks or chips
  • Fill gaps/spaces
  • Make teeth larger
  • Contour your smile line
  • Cover exposed tooth roots

…and more. If there’s something you’ve been frustrated with, we’ll find the right solution. The first step is scheduling a consultation. During this preliminary appointment, Dr. Ricciardi will speak with you about what you’re hoping to achieve, and make treatment recommendations so that you can learn more.

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