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A bright smile is one of the most valuable personal tools you can possess. When you lead with a big grin, you show others that you’re approachable, friendly, and confident. But while white teeth are powerful, our enamel is constantly under siege. Between gradual erosion, teeth grinding, and staining foods/drinks, you might be finding that it’s time to check in with an Oakwood cosmetic dentist.

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Types of Tooth Stains

While enamel stains come in a variety of colors, their causes can usually be boiled down to one of two types.

  • Intrinsic – These stains are formed during tooth development, usually as a result of certain medications (like tetracycline), overconsumption of fluoride, or tooth damage. These stains are internal, and will need to be covered by veneers, bonding, or crowns in order to appear brighter. If your enamel becomes worn, this will show more of the inner dentin (which is yellow in color), and will also darken the smile.
  • Extrinsic – External stains are located within the enamel, and are due to dark compounds becoming lodged in the porous enamel layer. Because these stains are easier to access, they can be resolved with hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening.

Which Teeth Whitening Method is Right for You?

Depending on your enamel stains, there are a few different treatments that might be appropriate, including the ones we mentioned above. Dr. Ricciardi will evaluate your smile before beginning cosmetic treatment, so that he can determine the cause of staining and help you avoid it in the future.

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