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New York dentist

Do you feel like you have all the dental support you need? No matter your age or oral health status, there are ways to give your smile a boost. One of the most important is finding a dentist whom you’re comfortable with. By choosing a dentist that puts you at ease, you make it more likely for you to schedule (and keep) regular appointments. Our New York dentist, Dr. Michael Ricciardi, has more tips for turning your dental care into a positive experience.

We understand dental anxiety, and we work to overcome it. If you’re nervous about visiting a dentist, then you’ve likely had a painful procedure in the past. By building new, positive moments in the dental chair, you learn that dental care doesn’t have to be anxiety-producing.

You should also embrace preventive dental care to prevent the problems from arising in the first place. Because without cavities, you don’t have to get fillings – and that means avoiding the dental drill entirely. First step? Checking in with your dietary habits. Yes, we’re talking about soda.

What Should A Good Dentist Do For My Teeth?

Your dentist works to keep your teeth healthy in the office, and provides you with the tools and knowledge you need to follow along at home. A big part of this is tailoring your diet to be a healthy, tooth-friendly one.

There are plenty of reasons why soda is an enemy of oral health. This infographic has just a few.

New York dentist

Our New York Dentist on Superb Oral Health

If you need help finding healthy alternatives to soda, or any other snack, simply contact us. We’re here to act as your lifelong allies in building great dental health, and are ready to help in any way. Whether you have a question, or are ready to schedule your next dental exam, call us today at (718) 667-9080.

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