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Biting your nails over a dental exam? It’s time to cut it out (and not just because nail biting is harmful to your teeth). The longer you live with dental anxiety, the more dental problems you risk out of a reluctance to visit the office. Our goal is to start reducing your anxiety today, and┬áimprove your oral health in the long term.

Looking for a Midland Beach Staten Island dentist who will be able to get you more comfortable in the dental chair? Dr. Michael Ricciardi and our team are warm and welcoming, and our office environment puts patients at ease. We’re located just southwest of the Midland Beach Staten Island neighborhood, and we’re accepting new patients. Just fill out the form below to connect with us.

Identifying Your Dental Anxiety

Find yourself struggling to schedule regular exams, but unsure why?┬áIf you’re anxious about visiting a dentist, you’ll find any excuse to put off your appointments. Your calendar feels too full, you just don’t have the time, and your teeth are probably fine, anyways – right? Stop procrastinating and take a look at the questions below. Answering them will help you identify whether anxiety is the root of your problems.

  • Does the thought of visiting the office make your heart race?
  • Are you afraid of the dental drill or other dental tools?
  • Would you rather perform difficult or draining tasks than visit the dentist?
  • Have you had negative dental experiences in the past?
  • Do you find yourself struggling to think rationally about the dentist’s office, or to calm down when you’re anticipating an appointment?

All these signs point to the presence of concrete dental anxiety. After recognizing your fear, the next step is to let us know that you’re feeling anxious. This will allow us to provide the kind of care that gently improves your nerves. Don’t worry – we’re here to help!

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