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Staten Island dentist
Living in Staten Island, and looking for a dentist you can really count on?

We all┬álead hectic lives; making our health a priority can feel like a tall order. After tending to our families, employers, co-workers, and friends, we have just a little time left for ourselves. For this reason, shouldn’t your healthcare really count? If you could turn a dental appointment from a stressful experience into a restful, positive check-in with a staff you love, wouldn’t you want to make that switch?

Our Staten Island dentist would love to show you a new way to approach your dental care. With open communication, a gentle approach, dental sedation, and excellent patient resources, Dr. Ricciardi makes treatment comfortable for even the most anxious patients.

Dr. Michael Ricciardi in Staten Island

Dr. Ricciardi grew up in the Staten Island area. While he traveled throughout the country completing his dental education and gaining expertise, it’s to his original community that he returned to practice. In this way, Dr. Ricciardi is able to give back to those that helped him become the expert professional he is.

His office provides general dental treatment, in additional to complex restorative and cosmetic┬áprocedures. If you’re interested in any type of dental treatment, Dr. Ricciardi’s office will be happy to accommodate you. And with our comprehensive range of services, there’s something for every patient.


Engaging with Your Dentist for Better Health

When you’re happy with your dentist, you’re more likely to schedule exams on time. This gives your dentist a chance to identify signs of cavities or gum disease, before they become serious problems. And the sooner you catch dental issues, the sooner you can get on to a disease-free life, boosted by a beautiful smile.

We would love to transform your dental experience. If you’re interested in scheduling an exam, simply fill out the form below.