Life After Tooth Loss Can Be Life As Usual

tooth loss Staten IslandSo you’ve lost a permanent tooth. While this might feel overwhelming, it doesn’t have to mean the end. Your oral health, smile, dental function, and confidence can be brought back up to a fulfilling place, and we can help. Your job is to act quickly – the longer you let tooth loss linger, the greater the risk. Keep reading to learn more, or get in touch with any tooth loss questions.

Changes after Tooth Loss

  • Bone loss – Your jaw bone is stimulated by the pressure from your tooth roots. Without those roots in place, the jaw begins to resorb. The bone tissue dissolves into the bloodstream, and the entire structure weakens.
  • Heightened risk of disease – The space left by a lost tooth acts as a breeding ground for bacteria, and is more likely to foster cavities and gum disease. The last thing you want is for tooth loss to cause additional tooth loss, but it’s unfortunately a common side effect.
  • Changes to facial structure – Without your tooth in place, your skin doesn’t have the same support. If the bone in the area weakens, you’ll see further changes to your appearance. This lack of internal structure can make you appear older than you really are, or unlike your old self.
  • Difficulty with daily function – The loss of even one tooth will make it more difficult for you to speak, chew, and feel comfortable throughout the day. You have enough responsibilities and difficult daily tasks – don’t let a missing tooth add to your cares.

Moving Forward with New Teeth

Your tooth replacement can take whatever form best fits your needs. It will fit your long-term goals, your budget, and your oral health. The option that we recommend for patients seeking comprehensive tooth replacement is a dental implant. Only implants combat every one of the changes mentioned above – and they can actually last a lifetime. But if you’re interested in a bridge, a partial, or a denture, we’ll find the restoration that suits you.

Just schedule an appointment to start learning more! Restorative dentistry is an exciting opportunity to regain your old smile (or one that’s even better).

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