Staten Island Invisalign

Curious about the Invisalign dental procedure?

Few people are born with perfectly straight teeth, and those who are often find that the forces of time leave their smiles looking less than ideal. But adults struggling with crooked smiles aren’t always able to make the big commitment that metal braces demand. Enter Invisalign. Frustrated patients seeking simple straightening find relief with this clear, subtle system.

Braces-Free Orthodontic Treatment

Brackets and wires move teeth by applying consistent pressure in certain directions. Invisalign applies the same forces, but utilizes a completely different framework. The clear plastic aligners that make up the Invisalign system don’t obscure the patient’s smile. Though treatment length may be similar to that of braces, the process is far more comfortable.

Why Patients Choose Invisalign

  • Staten Island InvisalignUnderstated appearance – The aligners fit teeth snugly, and are completely clear. Only those making a close inspection of your smile will notice the trays in place. You’ll be able to go about your job, social life, and daily interactions without feeling self-conscious or awkward.
  • Comfort – Invisalign’s smooth plastic trays will never poke your tongue or cheeks, and they will feel at home in your mouth after a brief adjustment period.
  • Lack of restrictions – Invisalign aligners are completely removable. You won’t be issued dietary restrictions, or be made to alter your habits to accommodate your orthodontia. Simply remove trays to eat, brush, and floss, then replace them after cleaning.
  • Independence – Invisalign requires fewer visits to the office, as you’re able to switch to new aligners on your own. You control your orthodontic treatment, and play a role in results.

Invisalign Candidacy

In order to pursue Invisalign treatment, the patient’s malocclusion (bad bite) needs to be mild to moderate. If the bite is severely malaligned, metal braces may be necessary. Dr. Ricciardi will evalute your teeth and jaws to decide on the right treatment option. If you’re curious about your own candidacy for Invisalign, simply get in touch to schedule a consultation.

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