How Do I Get Whiter Teeth?

whiter teeth Staten Island

Whiter teeth: we all want them. But how do we turn our smiles from dingy to dazzling? Of course, you’ve heard of hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening, and that is the most efficient method to brighten your grin. But there are also steps you can take at home on a daily basis to keep your enamel white and strong. Read on for a few tips on how stains happen, how you can prevent them, and how you can reverse the damage.

Get Whiter Teeth On Your Own

While it might seem impenetrable, your enamel is actually porous. The eating choices that you make expose that enamel to different foods and liquids. If the meals in question are darkly colored, staining compounds can become lodged in your enamel. This darkens areas of your smile.

Acidic snacks and drinks are also culprits of yellow teeth. Beneath the external enamel layer of your teeth is the dentin, which is softer and darker in color. If the enamel thins due to erosion (from long-term exposure to acids), then the dentin can show through, yellowing your overall smile.

Trying to stop the stains? The below infographic has some hints as to what you can do on your own. Once you’ve tried some staining prevention tactics, if you’re looking to brighten your smile further, we’re here with professional teeth whitening treatment.

whiter teeth Staten Island

Take Action Against Stained Teeth In The Office

There are two things a dentist can do to help whiten your teeth: provide bleaching treatment, and clean plaque from them. Both practices brighten your smile. While bleaching reaches deeper than the exterior to break up staining compounds in the enamel, a standard teeth cleaning removes plaque from the surface, which helps both your smile’s appearance and its health.

Ready for whitening or your next cleaning? Just give us a call at (718) 667-9080.

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