Full Mouth Reconstruction

Staten Island Full Mouth ReconstructionThe restorative process can be an endeavor, but it’s one that’s well worth the effort. Full mouth reconstruction results in a healthier, more attractive smile held by a happier patient. Reconstruction is right for mouths that have suffered disease, decay, and disrepair. With a combination of general and restorative dental procedures, smiles are brought back to life.

Visit the Restorative Dentistry section of our Patient Education page for more information on the procedures involved in full mouth reconstruction.

Steps of Full Mouth Reconstruction

It’s impossible to say what any one patient’s full mouth reconstruction will entail, as every case is unique. There are some aspects of reconstruction that are universal, and necessary for every treatment plan. These include:

  1. Evaluation of health – Before beginning the restorative process, we’ll need to understand our starting point. We will carefully evaluate your overall oral health, as well as each tooth’s status. With the aid of x-rays and a visual examination, Dr. Ricciardi will determine your dental needs.
  2. Consultation – Dr. Ricciardi will talk to you at length about what you’re hoping to get out of dental treatment, as well as how you have been feeling. The ultimate aims of full mouth rehabilitation are improved health, conservation of natural teeth, and a rebuilt smile. Your treatment plan will take each of those factors into account.
  3. Care for disease – Should your mouth present cavities, infected teeth, or periodontal disease, we will provide appropriate treatment to nurse it back to health. Periodontal treatment, filling of cavities, or root canal therapy may be necessary before restoring teeth.
  4. Preparation for restorations – Depending on the restoration, preparation means any number of things. If you will be receiving dental implants, you may need a bone graft to increase your bone density at the placement site. Patients getting crowns or bridges will need crown lengthening and tooth prep. Those recovering from periodontal disease may need soft tissue grafts. Once the area has been prepared, temporary restorations will be put in place to momentarily restore the smile and help the patient get used to the feel of the soon-to-be-permanent restorations.
  5. Placement of restorative work – Once your mouth is ready, your restorations will be put in place. Dr. Ricciardi will ensure they look, fit, and feel natural.

Caring For Your Smile After Rehabilitation

Once your mouth has been returned to health, you will want it to remain strong and sound into the future. We will provide you with the tools you need to see long-term results. If you have experienced periodontal disease at any point, it’s likely that Dr. Ricciardi will want to see you for more frequent exams, so that he may catch any recurring problems in their early stages. You will need to maintain excellent oral hygiene to see your restorations and restored health thrive. If you ever have a question about your oral care habits or your restorations, don’t hesitate to contact our office.

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