Eat Less Sugar: Here’s How, and Why

sugar and oral health

How much sugar do you usually eat in a day? Even if you think you’re aware of the amount, there’s probably sugar lurking in places you don’t suspect. And for the sake of your teeth (and your entire body), it’s crucial that you learn more about how much you’re really consuming.

While we love sweet snacks (and fatty ones), these flavors aren’t necessarily beneficial for us. Some scientists think that our sugar craving is an evolutionary holdover, from a time when humans struggled to find food on a daily basis. Now that we’re leading comfortable lives, we just don’t need the same amount.

How many grams of sugar do you think are recommended per day? Find out below.

World Health Organization’s Recommended Sugar Intake

Sugar is a crucial part of your brain function, so it’s important to getĀ some sugar. But most of us are going way past that mark. The World Health Organization’s most recentĀ recommendation is that we get no more than 5-10% of our daily energy from glucose each day (while less than 10% if the official recommendation, 5% is their goal). This equates to just 25 grams of sugar per day, or 6 teaspoons.

Of course, you’re not eating sugar by the spoonful (unless you have a serious sweet tooth!) – but there’s sugar lurking in so many packaged foods. If you’re not certain of how much is in your favorite snacks, use a phone app or check up on a nutrition facts website. Info for many specific brands and foods are available on these databases.

By cutting down your sugar, you help improve your oral health by reducing your risk of developing plaque and cavities. You also gain a better chance of avoiding systemic health problems like diabetes and heart concerns. If you’re looking for new snack/meal ideas, check out some healthy recommendations. Trust us – with less sugar in your life, you’ll be feeling great!

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