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cosmetic dentist Oakwood Staten Island

Are you comfortable showing off your smile?

As a Staten Island resident, you have so much at your fingertips. One of the world’s most legendary and important cities is just a short trip away, but you’re able to enjoy your home’s more quiet, toned-down atmosphere. If you’re living in Oakwood, then you also have the benefit of a local dentist.

Our smiles are incredible tools. But if we don’t provide them with the upkeep they need, our pearly whites end up looking lackluster – and communicating mixed messages. Think about the last time you met someone knew. Did you draw judgement about them, based on their appearance? Of course you did (we’re only human, after all) – and a big part of that impression, realize it or not, stems from the teeth. Our Oakwood cosmetic dentist can make sure yours are saying all the right things.

Dr. Michael Ricciardi –¬†Oakwood, Staten Island Cosmetic Dentist

Below are just a few of the smile transformations that Dr. Ricciardi has brought to his patients. What will yours look like?

cosmetic dentist Oakwood Staten Island

Each of us is unique, and there are distinct treatment paths appropriate for each of us. If you saw a treatment mentioned in those photos that seems in line with what you’d like to change, just let us know. After a consultation, Dr. Ricciardi will be able to tell you whether it makes sense.

Planning Your Smile Makeover

Your new smile should give you the kind of confidence boost that lets you show it off with ease. This not only makes you feel better, but look better – people will see you as friendlier and more sociable. This, in turn, makes you feel even more confident, kicking off the kind of happy cycle that we so rarely find.

Ready to learn more and talk specifics? Get in touch with our Oakwood dental practice.

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