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Stop Gingivitis in its Tracks

Plaque buildup does more than trigger tooth decay. When that film of bacteria gathers on your teeth, your gums are affected in similarly harmful ways. The acids produced by the plaque irritate your gum line, causing inflammation and redness. If … Continue reading

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5 Things You Don’t Know You Gain from Healthy Teeth

Healthy teeth do a whole lot more than keep you out of the dentist’s chair. By maintaining a strong, disease-free smile, you give yourself a better chance at happiness and success. Your teeth are important to both your own confidence … Continue reading

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10 Easy Invisalign Pointers – Sail Through Treatment

Travel-sized oral hygiene products will help you clean your teeth on the go – a must during Invisalign treatment “What do I need to know about Invisalign?” It’s a question on the lips of every interested patient. If it’s really … Continue reading

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