4 Things You Didn’t Know Botox Could Do

Staten Island BotoxAt this point, you’ve surely heard a few things about Botox. The medical treatment has skyrocketed in popularity, becoming one of the most talked-about and requested forms of single-appointment rejuvenation. With a few shots of Botox, you’re able to make big changes to your aging process, without making sacrifices along the way.

The truly amazing thing about Botox is that it accomplishes even more than temporary wrinkle reduction. In fact, the medication is continuing to improve people’s lives in new ways. With ongoing research uncovering new potential, we’re still regularly surprised by all that Botox has to offer. Curious about what this treatment is capable of? Read on for some aspects of Botox that we find pretty impressive.

Surprising Applications for Botox Treatment

  •  Antidepressant – Has anyone ever seen you looking down and suggested that you smile to feel better? While you were probably a little annoyed at the time, there’s truth in that recommendation. A German medical study found that Botox treatment of muscles involved in expression of negative emotions actually relieved depression. As a treatment option for individuals struggling with major depression, Botox could be groundbreaking.
  • Pain reliever – Botox stops muscle contractions. It breaks the communication chain between nerves and muscles to leave specific areas of your face at rest. When the muscles aren’t contracting, they can’t cause wrinkles. This function has dual uses: while Botox became a household name because of its aesthetic capabilities, it actually started out as a medical treatment. It was initially used to stop a highly specific problem (eyelid spasms). Its company decided to try branching out when an executive noticed that patients were seeing reduced wrinkles as a side effect of treatment. But Botox’s ability to relieve muscle spasms continues, even if it’s the less-popular application. When those muscles are causing pain, Botox soothes the area – even when other treatment options have failed. Today, patients seek medical Botox for treatment of migraines, headaches, TMJ disorders, and more.
  • Staten Island BotoxConfidence booster – Our confidence levels dictate much of our lives. It’s how you feel about yourself that defines your work performance, relationships, and even happiness. For many, confidence is tied to external appearance. It’s hard not to put stock in how we look: after all, it’s our appearance that others look to when forming impressions. With Botox treatment, you’re able to boost your confidence immeasurably, simply be removing some facial lines. When you’re looking your best, you can’t help but feel your best.
  • Wrinkle prevention – We’re not talking about wrinkle reduction, which is Botox’s main aim. Rather, wrinkle prevention refers to stopping wrinkles that have yet to arise. Some younger patients (late 20’s to mid 30’s) choose Botox to soothe their skin and prevent lines from taking hold – stopping initial skin damage.

Staten Island Provider on Botox In Your Own Life

Because Botox can accomplish so much, you’ll need to decide whether any of the applications are right for you. If there’s some problem that you think Botox could solve, schedule an appointment with Dr. Michael Ricciardi. He will meet with you and help you decide whether Botox is the right choice.

If you’re seeking wrinkle reduction, you’ll be able to use Botox to soothe any of the following:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Horizontal lines across the forehead
  • Vertical brow lines (frown lines)

Your results will last between 3-6 months, with the target muscles gradually regaining control. If you choose to continue receiving Botox regularly, then you will see increasingly smoother skin over time. Interested in whether Botox will be able to deliver the results you’re looking for? Just get in touch to receive answers to your questions.

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